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Pest Control Malta Comtec woodworm killer

Woodworm Killer is a Ready-to-Use pesticide (organic solvent based) containing cypermethrin insecticide to protect wooden structures against attack by, and eradicate existing infestations of, wood-boring insects. Suitable for use in wooden structures such as beams, doors, fences, garden furniture, hardwoods (such as mahogany, oak, teak), softwoods, outbuildings, patio door frames, structural timbers and window frames.


Directions for Use:

Woodworm Killer is a ready-to-use product. No further dilution is required. Apply at the rate of up to 1 litre of diluted product per 4 sq. m of timber surface, depending on the surface type and porosity.


Repeat treatment if infestation is severe.



Unprotected persons and animals should be kept away from treated areas for 48hrs or until surfaces are dry. 


Volume: 1 Litre


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Woodworm Killer - 1 Litre

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