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Pest control Malta Comtec terminate

Terminate is a pyrethroid insecticide that is particularly suitable to control termites infesting civil, industrial and rural place, urban areas etc. Terminate has an exceptional insecticidal power at very low percentages of use; its action is rapid and long-lasting; and the product is easy to use.


Directions for Use:

Terminate is a ready-to-use product to be used to treat wall surfaces in rural buildings, farmhouses, warehouses etc. to control termites using 1 litre of product to treat 10sq m. Can also be used for indoor treatments to control termites by spraying the product in cracks and corners, inside the shutter boxes, along door and window jambs etc.


Repeat treatment if infestation is severe.



Follow the directions given under the labeling Use. If the product is used in places where people stay for long periods of time or in bedrooms, it is advisable to air the premises before re-entering them. Do not contaminate foodstuffs, beverages and their receptacles while using. After handling and in case of contamination, thoroughly wash with water and soap.


Volume: 5 Litre


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Terminate - 5 Litres

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