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Stopper - 750mL

Stopper cats and dog is a specific ready-to-use deterrent deigned to dissuade dogs and cats from stopping and dirtying indoor and outdoor environments.


The particular substances contained, is harmless to people and pets, and has been specifically developed to be unpleasant for dogs and cats, enough to push them to move away from the treated areas: pots, walls, car wheels, plants, rugs, sofas, etc...



Stopper should be used as it is, directly on the surfaces to be treated: pots, walls, car wheels, plants, rugs, sofas, etc ...



Open the jet closing cover, spray the product at a distance of about 25-30 cm from the interested area. Repeat the treatment weekly. On internal surfaces, especially on fabrics, it is preferable to carry out a preliminary compatibility test, on an hidden spot.


NOTE For correct use of the product, follow the instruction on the label.


It is not toxic, neither for dogs nor for other animals, nor for humans.


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Stopper - 750mL

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