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Pest control Malta Comtec solo unit

Solo ultra violet light unit with glue board, 1 x 20 watt tube which covers up to 40 square meter.


The best NEW Glueboard Fly Killer for home office and restaurant use This new electric glueboard fly control trap is brilliantly designed by one of Europes leading Fly Killer manufacturers based in the UK.

Free Standing or Wall Mountable (doubles as a wall light and fly catcher when wall mounted). Bright low energy 20 watt tube gives high fly attraction and doubles the unit as a decorative table lamp.

Ideal for restaurants, hotels, offices, coffee shops and of course home use with its discreet, sleek and stylish design. Body is made of corrosion resistant anodized aluminium which makes the unit easy to clean and very light and portable. 

This unit has a large unobstructed glueboard which should give many months service in normally infested areas but perhaps less in highly infested locations. 


Choose spare glueboards and replacement lamps from our ONLINE SHOP. 


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Solo Fly Control Unit

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