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Oasis Mosquito and Flying Insect Trap

TARGETS FEMALE MOSQUITOES: Catchmaster's Oasis Mosquito Trap effectively mimics female mosquitoes favorite breeding sites to lure them into the trap. Female mosquitoes are the only ones that bite, removing them from a population can reduce the amount of bites. 1,000 future mosquitoes are eliminated for each female caught!


REUSABLE: Refill glue boards are also available so you can reuse your traps over and over again. This versatile trap can either be placed on the ground or hung. Use a combination of both methods to increase effectiveness.


NATURAL ATTRACTANT: This trap utilizes a combination of any organic material you can gather (clipped grass, dried leaves, hay, etc.) and water. This means the Oasis Mosquito Trap is natural, safe, and non-toxic, while still remaining effective. No electricity is required to power it.


WHERE OASIS SHOULD BE DEPLOYED: The Oasis should be placed where female mosquitoes are most likely to frequent. Female mosquitoes seek areas that are cool, shaded, moist, and out of the wind. Some examples of deployment spots include covered patios, property corners, anywhere near standing water, and around vegetation.


X1 glueboard included


Dimensions - 36x36x34 cm


Additional glueboards available at:


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Oasis Mosquito and Flying Insect Trap

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