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NOMAD Fly Killer
  • THE FLY KILLER YOU RELY ON : This super-effective nomad led fly killer is a reliable way to protect yourself against flies, and is trusted by thousands  of customers. It uses super-efficient dual green and blue UV led technology to attract a wide range of flying insects. Our travel fly killer model gives a superb performance of 18 hours run time no matter where you place it.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY : The Insect-O-Cutor Nomad LED flykiller offers protection against flying and biting insects with a collapsible compact design, making it perfect for traveling. When this product is fully charged it can be used for up to 18 hours (USB charging cable included).
  • MULTIPURPOSE PORTABLE FLY KILLER : This product can also be used as a bright 200 lumens hanging light that has adjustable brightness, making it perfect for outdoor dining, patios, gardens and camping. With dual green and blue UV LED technology this product will attract a wide range of flying insects.
  • SAFE AND NON TOXIC : Our Nomad UV led outdoor fly killer does not involve chemical substances. Non-toxic, no pungent smell, no smoke. Not harmful to health and more environmentally friendly. It won't bother your sleep, no odor, no chemicals, no bait nor radiation, 100% physically eliminating flying insects.
  • PERCEIVED QUALITY : Insect-o-Cutor is developed with knowledge of our markets and supported by experts in each field. Many of our products have number one market position and are built on a reputation of high quality products and affordable prices, alongside innovative new products developed to meet ever changing trends and needs.


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NOMAD Fly Killer

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