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Mosquito Chips - Packet of 9



Mosquito Chips is an innovative larvicide product highly residual, useful for the prevention and control of mosquitoes’ larvae. Mosquito Chips is composed by a slow-release inert carrier and an active ingredient efficient against mosquitoes’ larvae: PYRIPROXYFEN.


The high density of the carrier sinks the chip on the bottom avoiding its wash off and the long residual efficacy of the product. One tab is able to cover 20 liter of water for 3 months. Mosquito Chips provides the perfect alternative to traditional larvicides providing longer-lasting results with no impact on the animals living in the water or animals drinking from treated water containers.


You can use it in water containers like manholes, flower pot dishes, fountains etc. Mosquito chips is a ready to use solution so you don’t have to waste your time in dosing the product, saving time for your work or free-time. The product can be used both by professionals or not professional people.


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Mosquito Chips - Packet of 9

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