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Pest Control Malta Comtec mosquitaire plus

Biogents’ Mosquitaire CO2 (BG-Mosquitaire CO2) trap is an excellent and eco-friendly tool to control all mosquito species and other flying bloodfeeding insects. The sturdy plastic trap is designed to be placed in your garden and has been tried and tested worldwide. Place the mosquito trap close to the mosquito resting areas and breeding places of the mosquitoes. In this way the mosquito trap will catch the mosquitoes before they reach the patio and annoy you.


The mosquito trap uses the same patented capture technology of all Biogents traps with the additional use of pure carbon dioxide (CO2) which is an attractive key element of human respiration and the most important attractant for blood-feeding insects. To the mosquito, the trap looks just like a human being. No trap from other manufacturers offers a comparable combination of

  • highest capture rates – scientifically proven
  • specificity  does not damage beneficial insects like butterflies, bees, or ladybugs
  • and eco friendliness – uses no insecticides


If the traps are correctly positioned and run continuously throughout the season, they will effectively decrease the mosquito population, and you can enjoy your patio again.


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Mosquitaire Plus

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