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Pest Control Malta Comtec lure mosquitaire

A mosquito recognizes and finds a human being from a relatively long distance by the human’s breath and skin scents. Therefore, Biogents developed artificial scents that mimic the human skin scents, and make the Biogents traps even more specific and capturing..


The BG-Sweetscent is an artificial human skin odor that is formulated to last for two months. To catch tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti), the BG-Sweetscent alone synergistically enhances the attractiveness of the mosquito trap.


For all other mosquito species, the BG-Sweetscent should be used in combination with CO2 (BG Mosquitaire CO2). The BG-Sweetscent is suitable for use in all Biogents outdoor/indoor suction mosquito traps.


The BG-Swettscent also helps to improve the catch rates of many other mosquito trap types.



The BG-Sweetscent is effective for up to two months.


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Lure for Mosquitaire

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