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Pest Control Malta Comtec deltrinate

Odourless residual insecticide for the control of Crawling Insects such as American Cockroaches, Ants, Fleas, Centipedes, and Woodlice. You will need a spray/pump to dispense the liquid.


Directions for Use:

Apply insecticide as a coarse spray around the perimeter of rooms, into cracks and crevices, and around the building perimeter in outside areas. Apply by using suitable hand-mechanical or high-volume spray equipment until surfaces are damp. Do not use with an ultra low volume equipment. Leave 48 hours before washing the floors.The product has a shelf life of eight months from date of production. 



Unprotected persons and animals should be kept away from treated areas until surfaces are dry.

Volume: 5 Litres


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Comtec Deltrinate - 5 Litres

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