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Pest control Malta Comtec Cockroach gel station



Gel bait insecticide against cockroaches.

Target insects: German cockroach (Blatella germanica) and Oriental
cockroach (Blatta orientalis)


Mode of action:
The active ingredient imidacloprid, acts by binding to the insect’s
neurons. This binding causes a disturbance in the transmission
of nerve impulses which is lethal to the target insect. Cockroaches are attracted by nutritional ingredients in the bait. They spread the gel by moving and contaminate their peers, causing poisoning by contact and ingestion.


Under normal conditions, gel drops remain active and palatable at least for 2 months.


Use instructions:
IMIDASECT is suitable for the pest control treatment in places
like houses, apartments cellars, public buildings, community
centers, cinemas, churches, commercial premises, hotels,
restaurants, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, retirement homes,
care facilities, public baths, means of transport (ships, trains,
planes), storage areas, industrial warehouses, etc. 


What is included:

1 x 10g Syringe



  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Place the bait out of the reach of children, birds, pets, farm animals and other non-target animals
  • Avoid release to the environment
  • Do not use directly on or near food, feed or drinks, or on surfaces or utensils likely to be in direct contact with food, feed, drinks and animals

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COMTEC Cockroach Gel 10g

€40.00 Regular Price
€35.00Sale Price
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