BG Mosquitito


Biogents Mosquitito traps help to protect you against mosquitoes.


Environmentally friendly without using insecticides or killing beneficial insects. The traps attract the mosquitoes through black and white contrasts which act as visual cues and human body emissions. So they look and smell like a human being. Approaching mosquitoes are sucked into them and dehydrate.


Place traps near mosquito resting and breeding areas. In this way the trap will catch the mosquitoes before they reach you. You can also put them near your patio, balcony or entrance areas. Avoid covering traps or exposing them to sun or wind. If traps are correctly placed and continuously run, they will efficiently decrease the mosquito population so you can enjoy your home again.


Scientific studies show a decrease in mosquito bites outdoors by up to 85% when traps are correctly positioned.


Application and Positioning 

  • Hang the trap at a height of 0.5 to 1.5 m over the ground.
  • Continuous operation (24 hours for a number of weeks)
  • Highly sustainable effectiveness due to application early in the season
  • Application outdoors & indoors
  • Placement in shady, wind-protected and moist places


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