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Bedbug Trap

Nattaro Scout is an active bed bug detection trap , which contains a unique blend of bed bug pheromones simulating a bed bug aggregation (harborage). The detection trap and the lure are designed to be used for early detection of a low-level bed bug infestation and in order to verify a successful result following a bed bug treatment. Use the active bed bug trap as a useful tool in your Integrated Pest Management routine.


The lure’s effect has been tested and verified through extensive research and development in our own lab.


The function of the monitoring system

The lure mimics the natural scent of a bed bug aggregation. It will attract all stages of live bed bugs, i.e. females, males and the different stages of the nymphs. The bed bugs are able to climb in but not out, once inside they are trapped.

Bedbug Trap

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