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Pest control Malta Comtec

Russell IPM’s Lureking bed bug trap is a highly effective monitor for bed bugs. It is pre-baited, easy to assemble and ready to use.



  • Highly effective
  • Safe, clean and easy to use
  • Insecticide free and non toxic
  • Intergrated specially formulated attractant
  • Made with high quality cardboard and pressure sensitive glue
  • Rough card exterior on the ramps to enable the bed bugs to climb easily into the trap. Shiny card surface on the inside to prevent bed bugs from escaping
  • Compact trap for placement in difficult to reach places
  • Small and discreet, can be hidden behind or beneath furniture
  • Large entry points onto glue patch
  • Fits easily into corner
  • Double sided tape included to secure to a surface or wall if preferred


Target Insect: Bed Bug Cimex lectularius


Where to use

Ideal for use in hotels, apartments, student accommodation, nursing homes, hospitals, luggage storage, vehicles, cruise ships and planes.


Bed Bug Monitoring Traps (Pack of Five)

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