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Enjoy the Outdoors! - Mosquito Control

Most “mosquitoes” seen in houses are in fact the harmless and unrelated Crane Fly. True mosquitoes are very much smaller but have a similar long thin abdomen, long thin legs and strongly veined wings. The head has large eyes and a prominent proboscis.

Mosquito eggs are laid in batches of stagnant water, and the small brown larvae hang from the surface of the water, turning into comma-shaped aquatic pupae in four to ten days. Within a day or two, the adult emerges with a thirst for human or animal blood. Only the females feed and require a blood meal before they can lay eggs. Adult female misquotes hibernate in dark corners of houses, sheds, cellars and other sheltered sites.

Mosquito Control

Breeding sites such as guttering, water butts and bird baths should be cleaned out regularly. Fly screens over open windows will prevent adults coming in, or aerosol fly sprays will kill individual mosquitoes.

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