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Enjoy the Outdoors! - Fly Control

Flies, a family of two-winged polluters that is, too often, tolerated within our homes. Apart from the biting flies, all species feed by vomiting saliva onto the food surface and sucking up the resulting liquid. In the course of doing so, the fly contaminates the food with bacteria from its gut and its feet. Thus, it may transmit food poisoning, dysentery, typhoid or cholera in countries where these occur. The eggs of parasitic worms may also be carried by flies.


Scrupulous hygiene and prompt disposal of all refuse will discourage flies. Windows may be fitted with fly screens. Food should be kept covered. Dustbins should be sited away from doors and windows, have tight-fitting lids and be sprayed or dusted inside and beneath with a household insecticide in warm weather.

Flykiller aerosols will kill flies quickly, and sticky fly papers are also available.

There are also ultra-violet electric fly killers suitable for food premise

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