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Comtec celebrates 50 years of one of its employees

From left Tony Zahra (Chairman), Ronnie Galea, Joanie Mifsud (General Manager)

On Sunday 19th February 2023, it was the 50th anniversary since Ronnie Galea, one of the employees of Comtec Services Limited, started his employment with the company.

For this occasion, the management of the company organized a surprise party to which all the employees who have ever worked with Ronnie during this half century with the same company were invited to attend.

Mr. Tony Zahra, Chairman of Comtec Services Ltd, said that the work of Ronnie Galea during all these years is a testimony of his loyalty to the company and certainly a wonderful example for all the employees who worked or still work with him.

In February 1973 Ronnie Galea was employed in the position of Administrator which at that time were in Church Street, Sliema. In the eighties he continued to be nurtured professionally in his career in the pest control industry, including specialized courses in pest control held in England. Over the years he obtained several qualifications and honors from established institutions in his field.

In 2000 he was awarded the prestigious international honor of Pest Controller of the Year Award by an accredited British institution. In this same period, he was then instituted as an Administrative Director, a position held until he reached retirement age.

Ronnie has always kept himself up to date in his career with visits abroad for courses, conferences and exhibitions. Today he is considered an expert in the field as well as a consultant in the pest control industry.

Ronnie was also chosen by the Malta Standards Authority to represent Malta with other European chosen experts, to formulate a European Pest Control Standard applicable for all European countries.

Ronnie Galea currently holds the position of Senior Technical Officer as well as consultant in the practice of pest control.

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