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Commercial Pest Control

At Comtec, we take the time to understand the challenges our customers face. It can be as simple as assessing how best to treat a house or as complex as determining how a single insect could ruin a large scale food processing factory.


We use the knowledge gained to help our customers run their businesses with the assurance of a partner that understands how to solve pest problems before they arise.

Pests are widely defined as any living organism that is considered harmful or detrimental to humans or their activities; and like many other countries, Malta has its fair share of pests that try to occupy our homes or work environments.

The first thing that many people ask of us is why pest control is needed.

To summarize we’ve listed the main reasons why pest control is necessary to prevent harm or injury to humans and animals as well as damage to property:

  • Pests carry and spread diseases that affect humans and animals

  • Pest presence can cause allergies to humans

  • Some pests such as rats or termites can cause physical damage to property

  • Pests can indirectly damage property by contamination, for example food stuffs

Businesses can suffer from pests that compromise their activities & drive customers away

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